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Specializing in resolving loss and trauma, I've been a psychologist for 25+ years. I help adults--individuals, groups, and couples--work their way through hard feelings of depression, anxiety, grief, loneliness and the shock, numbness or deep anger of trauma and betrayal.  It is my goal to journey with my clients through these tumultuous feelings to a place of freedom, hope, and new capacity for closeness--to experience with them the tears and laughter, "Aha's!" and "Oh No's!" that lead to change, growth and learning to like themselves and life.   (Check out my blogs,  which provide glimpses into the therapy room, to get a sense of the way I work, typically using depth psychotherapy in combination with somatic experiencing or body awareness to help individuals and couples.)

A specialty...  For 20+ years I've done group work with clients struggling with loss and grief. I love working with groups!  Being in group therapy can provide a unique assurance that there are other good people with struggles like yours  as well as intriguing, helpful perspectives from fellow pilgrims--brand new ways of seeing yourself and the world through others' eyes...  and an affordable alternative to individual therapy.

Check out my book,  "Shattered Hopes, Renewed Hearts: What to Do with Wishes that Don't Come True,"  (See Amazon). Death and divorce--devastating--are the usual 'face" of loss.  But there are other compelling losses that can also eat away at us--wishes that don't come true--those things we long for deeply but never get.  The book is about getting beyond those profound disappointments back to a place of lively hope--which is also often the work of therapy.



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